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Hey Gang,

Join us as Dennis Stone, owner of a most unusual location in Salem, New Hampshire - America's Stonehenge (formerly Mystery Hill).

Speculate, contemplate, question, but the one this is for sure....someone built this interesting location and it's time that we make up our own minds.

This was a GREAT interview!


Hey Gang,

If you are a thriller creeper like I am loving horror and Sci fi movies then you won't want to miss this episode!

We talk about the hidden and mysterious meanings found in so many films shown todayF


Listen to the words and music of the great Sharon Knight!!!!

Sharon is someone whom I respect for both her Pagan convictions as well as her music...



Hey Gang,

Join Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters member Dustin Pari as we tackle some issues about spirituality and of course donuts.......

Dustin is a great friend and one of the nicest guys in the field today!

I know that you will enjoy this show!


Hey Gang, Join us as we delve into the world of Planchettes and Talking Boards! Brandon Hodges and Robert Murch are experts in the field! If you would like to know the REAL history behind these much maligned items listen in!!


Hi Gang,

Genevieve Keeney of the Museum of Funeral History from Houston TX dropped by to chat about the fascinating world of the Funeral Industry!

This is far from a dead subject!!!!!!!