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Hey Gang,

Videographer and Ghost Hunters Academy Alumni Brett McGinnis and Ghost Hunters Alumni Bruce Tango stopped by to chat about their upcoming movie "The Staring Man"!

Learn about Bruce Tango's experiences as a child and what it took to film this exciting upcoming feature!


Hey Gang,

Join us as we talk with authors Bev Rydel and Kat Tedsen about some fantastic paranormal topics and their vast experiences in the field!

There are some people whom I really enjoy interviewing and these two are ones whom I want back on the show!!!!!!

I know that you will all enjoy this episode!


Join author John Koerner as we discuss his new book "Why The CIA Killed JFK and Malcolm X ~ The Secret Drug Trade In Laos"

This is a shocking and thought provoking show that you will not want to miss!


Hey Gang,

America's Paranormal Sweetheart Katrina Weidman of Paranormal State and Real Fear stopped by to share her adventures!

This is one of my favorite shows!

Listen in!


Hey Gang....

This is a super special show!!!! Cult film star Tony Moran ~ the ORIGINAL Michael Myers of the movie Halloween stopped by to talk about his experiences!

You wonlt want to miss this one!!!!!!


Join our guest Brian Seech as we chat about Dogmen, Werewolves, and other things that wander the woods!

This is a MUST LISTEN TO show!