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Hey Gang,

Direct from the Philippines Robert Rubin stopped by to talk about the traditional magick of his country. This is a FACINATING show!

Listen in!!!


Hey Gang Medium,

Author, Reiki Master,Radio Host along with many more modality's Shelly Wilson stopped by the Lounge tonight!

Her teachings on living a REAL life and TRANSFORMATION are life changing!

Listen In For A GREAT SHow!



You are in or a real treat! Artist and vocalist Paulina Cassidy stopped by the Lounge to chat about her beautiful and etheric inspired music and her of art and love of the Fae.....



Hey Gang,

Vocalist and Psychic Kid Olivia Key stopped by the Lounge to share her experiences and AWESOME music!

Listen in for a real treat!


Hi Gang,

Carmen Reed ~ the REAL mom from the movie that was based on her experiences "A Haunting in CT" stopped by for a WONDERFUL interview.

Don't miss this one!


Hey Gang,

I have a great guest! the one and only Bruce Tango of Sy Fy's Ghost Hunters stopped by to share some stories and experiences!

He's just a great guy!


Hey Gang,

Direct from SyFy's Deep South Paranormal comes the "Bama Boys"! Listen in and enjoy one of the best interviews that I have done in a while!!!!